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You can always check what the weather is like in Prague wherever you happen to be using the webcam located on the roof of our hotel Kampa Garden 3* Prague 1 on Kampa Island with a direct view of the most magnificent and most visited monument in Prague – Charles Bridge with the Old Town Bridge Tower and the historical centre of Prague, City of a Hundred Spires. Whenever you visit us, you will always see how beautiful it is here whatever the weather.

When is the best time to visit Prague?

Prague and its historical UNESCO and other monuments and places of interest are beautiful whatever the season. You don’t need to worry. Prague is absolutely charming even in the rain or snow and offers lots of inside activities and entertainment. In addition to that, all of the main monuments are located near to our hotel Kampa Garden 3* in Prague 1, within walking distance in fact.

If we have still not managed to convince you with all this and you prefer sunny weather, then the least likelihood of rain in Prague is paradoxically during the winter months: December to March, when the weather in Prague is cold (temperatures can reach as low as -15 or as high as 15°C and the number of day when it rains is 1-3 per month on average), but as a bonus, you will be able to experience Prague when it is covered in snow, looking as if it has been taken straight out of a fairy tale with all of its Christmas decorations. Or you can visit during the popular summer season (the months of July to September, when for a change, temperatures frequently soar as high as 25-30°C), when the highest concentration of tourists is to be found in Prague and accommodation prices also increase. We personally like spring (April to May) and autumn (September to October) best, because the greenery in Prague is absolutely enchanting then with all of its autumnal colours or blossoming flowers, accommodation prices are more affordable and the historical centre of Prague is not so packed.

In a nutshell: during the summer, Prague is pleasantly warm and showers are not really a problem. On the contrary, during the winter, the weather is cold, often with no rain at all, but windier. For leisure activities, the best time to visit is generally June to September + December – in particular around Christmas, when Prague and the area around our hotel Kampa Garden 3*, Prague 1 gets all dressed up in its seasonal decorations and the festive atmosphere is absolutely wonderful.

Table of average day and night temperatures and numbers of days with rain:

  Day temperature Night temperature Days with rain
January 3°C -4°C 1
February 5°C -3°C 2
March 9°C 0°C 0
April 13°C 4°C 6
May 20°C 9°C 5
June 25°C 14°C 9
July 26°C 15°C 4
August 27°C 15°C 6
September 21°C 11°C 3
October 14°C 6°C 3
November 9°C 2°C 4
December 6°C 0°C 0

Live-Cam Weather

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