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Ferdinand Spring Colonnade

The Ferdinand Spring Colonnade is located near the center and the train station in a wooded park, just a 15-minute walk from Rezidence Villa Gloria. The Ferdinand Spring, located in the heart of the Colonnade, are the oldest mineral springs of Marienbad which features seven spouts. It has a fermented irony taste with a high calcium content. The source was named after King Ferdinand I, who originally wanted to get kitchen salt from the spring. Unfortunately, the source contains Glauber's salt with laxative effects. The monastery was built by Abbot Reitenberg of Teplé in 1827, which still boasts the architecture of the spa parks. In 1870, it was possible to bring water from the spring to the colony. Earlier attempts had been unsuccessful, due to the height difference. Nowadays, the spring is used for drinking bark, and healing carbonic baths.

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