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Hamelika Lookout Tower

This tower's designation is based on the hill on which it was built, in 1876 by architect Friedrich Zickler. It was constructed as a romantic ruin of a fictitious castle. The top of Hamelika, whose name comes from the earlier name Homolka, is located near the border with the Slavkov Forest and Podčeskoleská hills. The lookout tower is a 120-foot stone tower, built up to a height of 20 meters. In 2007, the lookout tower was roofed and the view is now only possible on the north and west, towards Marianske Lazne, Slavkov Forest and Green Mountain with a transmitter. The view on the opposite side is overgrown with trees. In the evening, the singing fountain can be heard. You can get to Villa Gloria through Marian Spa from Anglicka Street along the red tourist sign or by car, which you park at a nearby Rezidence and connect again to the red tourist route. Another possible and interesting route is the cableway journey. Continue along the red route, around the miniature park. The Park offers over 70 sculptures of Czech monuments and castles.

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