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Pavilion of Rudolf's Spring

The Pavilion of the Rudolf Spring can be found in the Ušovice district, about 350 meters from the Ferdinand Spring Colonnade. Previously, it was known as the Lucian Spring, because it lay in meadows. The spring was named after Crown Prince Rudolf, the successor to the throne of Franz Joseph I. Tepelský klášter wanted meadows in which the springs sprang up to buy, but they did it only in 1865, thanks to neighboring lands. Since 1912, the spring has also been served by a pipeline directly to the colonnade. Spring water helps treat kidney, urinary tract diseases, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and high calcium content is also useful in treating osteoporosis. Water is used as well as Ferdinand's spring, drinking water, bottling and bathing. The water from this spring is also led to Karolina and the Cross Spring. Rezidence Villa Gloria is just 30 minutes' walk away. It is open during the season from 6:30 to 17:00.

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