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Stop for a while and relax with us at Residence Villa Gloria. It’s up to you what type of relaxation you will choose.

At Residence Villa Gloria we have prepared WELLNESS & SPA – MASSAGES – RELAXATION PROCEDURES – SAUNAS and KNEIPP PATH for you.

Kneipp path is one of the hydrotherapy and relaxation procedures that use alternating hot and cold water. Kneipp path consists of small pools with cold and hot water. The hot water is around 40 °C and the cold water is around 12 °C.

You gradually walk through the individual pools, which are also lined with small pebbles. This massages the feet from below and due to the alternation of hot and cold water, it improves blood circulation in the legs. It is recommended to tread in hot water for one minute and in cold water for about 5 seconds. This cycle should be repeated several times. The last steps must be a movement in the cold-water pool and then drying the feet thoroughly.

Infrared sauna is used for short-term heating of the body by infrared electromagnetic radiation. Unlike Finnish sauna, it does not heat the air, but the body from within, it improves blood circulation to all organs and improves metabolism, as a result of which there is a thorough cleansing and renewal of the organism – fatigue subsides, physical and intellectual performance increases as well as resistance to diseases.

Finnish sauna is a form of dry sauna and using it is one of the oldest regeneration and relaxation methods. In a small-closed room, the whole body is heated to a depth by hot air with minimal humidity and a temperature of around 90°C, while metabolism is accelerated, and harmful substances are flushed out. However, Finnish sauna has many other positive effects on the human organism.

Whirlpool for 2 persons has many positive effects. Optimally treated water in the whirlpool washes away stress, reduces and relaxes muscle tension. The whirlpool allows greater flexibility and by increasing blood supply to painful areas, it helps to remove painful sensations from affected or strained parts of the whole body.

Massage removes fatigue, pain of muscle tension, relieves joint and head pain, relieves mental stress, improves mental well-being, and offers overall regeneration of the organism.